How Stated Income Commercial Real Estate Loans Are Unique

Stated income commercial real estate loans are a completely different kind of financing. If you are trying to acquire or improve a piece of property, consider taking advantage of this particular kind of funding to get the job done. U.S Eagle Funding and Capital allows you to skip the lengthy approval process and extensive paperwork and get started faster. This kind of loan is perfect for:

  • Consolidating Debt
  • Refinancing
  • Purchasing Commercial Real Estate
  • Remodeling or Growth
  • Building Working Capital

Whether you are trying to start your business or simply trying to jump start it with some quick capital, U.S Eagle Funding and Capital is able to help. Learn more about what makes this kind of financing unique.

The Difference From Traditional Loans

The biggest difference between traditional loans and stated income commercial real estate loans is that they are faster, simpler, and easier to be approved for, but why is this? Instead of being based around the strength of the client’s credit, stated income loans are based on the real estate itself. This means that if you own a lucrative commercial business, or even just a business that has the potential to be lucrative, you will qualify for this kind of loan, regardless of what your credit history and credit score hold. This also means that there is much less paperwork to be completed, which is the primary reason for the short amount of time required to be approved and receive your capital. The biggest requirement to receive a stated income real estate loan is that the property can cover the taxes, insurance, and mortgage of the loan. Compared to other kinds of financing, very little documentation is necessary.

Turn to U.S Eagle Funding and Capital

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