Using Purchase Order Financing to Grow Your Business

When a small business starts to get more and more business, it is not uncommon for the growing company to receive an order so large that it cannot afford to fill it. These growing pains can be problematic, but U.S Eagle Funding and Capital is prepared to help by offering purchase order financing.

How Order Financing Works

Turning away this kind of order is a missed opportunity to expand your business, not to mention it is lost income. When you take advantage of purchase order financing, we will pay your supplier so you can fill the order for your client. A small number of fees will be applied and taken out of your client’s payment, leaving you with the profits as well as a greater reputation than when you began. We delight in helping small business reach their full potential and get a footing so they can fill larger orders on their own in the future. Other benefits include:

  • Avoiding bank debt and equity losses
  • Quick approval to meet client deadlines
  • Flexible working capital
  • Improved market share

Learn more about the purchase order financing services that we provide at U.S Eagle Funding and Capital. Speak with our dedicated team of financial experts today and find out how you can start growing your small business.