Merchant Cash Advances Provide a Simpler Business Loan

Being approved for a traditional business loan can be frustrating because it sometimes seems like the companies that need it the most are the first to be rejected. The merchant cash advance is a smart alternative to other kinds of business loans, being easier to get approved, quicker to receive funding, and most importantly, less stressful to repay. U.S Eagle Funding and Capital is prepared to help your small business out with a financing strategy that is different.

What Sets Cash Advances Apart

Once you are approved for your merchant cash advance, you will receive capital quickly. You are free to use it however you like, whether it is for hiring new talent, marketing, improving your equipment, or remodeling the building you work in. The best part of this kind of financing is that it is repaid through a small percentage of your credit card sales. This means that during months when business is slow, less is paid back, and payments will not increase in size until business picks back up again. This makes it especially appealing for businesses that are linked to the seasons or other annual cycles. Other benefits include:

  • Smaller amounts of paperwork
  • Quick approval time
  • No fees upfront or closing costs
  • No required collateral

Turn to U.S Eagle Funding and Capital to get the merchant cash advance your business needs.